[YPLC] Toma Shay – part 3

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 4 March 2021

Hi folks,

the tiny Toma Shay is finished. Beside the firewood pile and crew figures, I added obligatory tools and clutter to the runboards. I also spend a light wash-weathering. As this loco was build in 1890 and will be used in its early years, there’s no heavy weathering needed.

As a special detail, I added the chain on the firemen side, which pulls the brake levers. The brake wheel was already part of the model kit, but was not connected further on the underside of the runboard. Steam or air brakes were not common in this early era of steam logging.

I also replaced the couplers. I’ve ideas to build a special layout for this particular loco in style of the early logging railroads in the 1890’s. Stay tuned for something really special :-)