[CFF] Resita Backdate

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Hi folks,

meanwhile, the garden railroad season has started. After a cold and unsteady May, several log trains have been operated in June already. And while doing so, I came to the idea to add some changes to my Resita loco. When I choose CFF 764-467 of the Campul Cetatii line, I did this for several reasons. One of them was the fact, that the loco didn’t had headlights in the later years, so there was no need to model them as well.

Two things have changed since them. I missed the headlight and I found very nice brass castings to model them. So I spend a backdate to my Resita loco from 1993-state back to 1989 when the loco was still equipped with lights, generator and the roof extension on the engineers side.

I decided for optical modifications only, so the headlights are non-functional.

Unfortunately, the first run after the modification was surprised by rain. So I went back into the workshop and it came, as expected… I added LEDs…

I don’t see a reason to remote control the lights, so I simply added a switch under the engineers side water tank flap. The small PC board holds resistors for the micro LEDs, installed in the headlights. BTW, I didn’t install direction independent lightning. It’s simple all on/all off.

The last photo shows a typical train on the Campul Cetatii line, heading down to the mill.

Bye, Gerd

One Comment

  • Tobias says:

    Hallo Gerd!

    Wieder ein schönes, oder eigentlich mehrere schöne, Up-/Backdates der Maschine. Auch wenn man sich gerne auf “das Wesentliche” beschränken will kommt man mitunter nicht umhin, doch einen bestimmten Zustand oder Zeitpunkt nachzubilden.
    Besonders das Regendach am Führerstandsfenster ist wieder eine schöne Besonderheit. Auch mir genügt für die Beleuchtung (so ich sie überhaupt funktionsfähig nachbaue) bisher meist ein einfacher Schalter. Insofern finde ich den Umbau sehr gelungen.

    Grüße, Tobias