[LVLC] Trains on a summer morning.

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 4 July 2021

Hi folks,

after the op-session with my Romanian trains, I used the great weather to run my US-trains. Shay #5 is steamed up and ready to bring done some logs and broken equipment from the camp at Feddy Grove.

When arriving at Ronja Springs in the morning, the station is still quiet.

But just around the corner, Shay engine #5 is ready to run the first trains into the morning sun. The Shay starts to roll slow and rattling, to collect the consist of cars for the trip up the hill.

In front of the log cars, the consist also features a boxcar for food and an empty flatcar. One of the steam donkeys need repairs and will be brought down into the shops.

After a short water-stop at the wye, the train continues north and passes the rock cut at Emils-Top, where a section house was erected by the track gang.

Once Summit-Point is reached, the train coasts down into the camp at Feddy Grove. Once arrived, the train gets split and all cars are shunted to their loading spots.

Round about midday, the train is made up for the return trip down to Ronja Springs.

Bye, Gerd

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