[MLC] Building a steam donkey – part 1

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 19 January 2022as

Hello folks and welcome to a new video series.

In very early 2022, I decided to build a steam donkey for my 5″-gauge railroad “Moody Lumber Co.” in 1:7.2 scale, which is 1-2/3″ or 42mm to the foot. The initial idea was, to reuse the old steam winch that was mounted on the Shay locomotive. But later, it turned into a while new design and construction. More about the components and the built will be shown in the upcomming videos.

Since my viewers are half German, half English speaking, I decided to not use naration on this video series. I hope this will be okay for you and you’re welcome to post questions and comments below for feedback.

Part 2 will feature a closer look to the steam engine, disassembling, overhaul and installing on the base frame.