[MLC] Working on the club layout and running some trains

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 24 March 2022as

Hi folks,

together with Jonas, I spend another work-duty on our club layout. The layout uses 10x20mm rec.tubing as rails and due to a bad batch several years ago, we struggle with deformed rails. Therefore, we replace single rails or stretches of whole track with new material. To reduce costs, we salvage the ties from the old track to be reused on the next segment to be replaced.

We started work one hour earlier as usual and finished earlier than expected, which gave as 2-3 hours left to operate our trains afterwards. I used the opportunity to run my Shay loco the second time after the overhaul.

The nice smoke plum comes from today’s type of firing. For safety reasons, a poplar was taken down on the property and left a pile of wood chips, just the right size for the Shays firebox. The firebox inside the copper T-boiler is very large, so there’s enough space for a wood fire. Anyhow, it turned out that I need much less wood than expected. The amount of chips in below photo lasted for one hour of operation.

I enjoyed running the loco on wood, that I decided to salvage more wood chips and filled up both gondolas, which might reach for another 10-20 op-sessions. It also underlines this typical “logging-railroad” character of my railroad.

Another upgrade to my railroad were crew members. After some research, I found 10″ tall Mattel “Big Jim” figures to be perfect match. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of cowboy and wild west clothes available already, which makes it easy to get some 1900 log train crew together.

Finally, I had my steam donkey with me to make some side-by-side comparison to my rolling stock. This looks like perfect match as well and I look forward to get the steam engine finally installed for a first test run.

And at least, some short clips of my Shay in action.