[CFF] Starting a new loco project

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 29 June 2021as ,

Hello fellows and welcome to a new loco build project here on my blog.

When I finished my Krauss-loco 763-237, I immediately got the idea to build another one, using LGBs 0-8-0 chassis of the Ruegen-loco Mh53. This new loco should be based on the MAVAG type 85, also known as MAV-492. Such a loco is still in operation under number CFI 764-243 and runs tourist trains on several ex CFF lines. As on the Krauss loco, my version will be a freelanced loco and got it’s own number.

Over several month, I collected parts from eBay and spare-part dealers for this project. Since the parts are combined from different locos, I start to call this the “Frankenstein”-project ;-)

Cylinders, journal leads and springs as well as further detail parts came from a LGB/Aster Tssd loco and were sold on eBay some while ago. A saxonian IK by LGB spends the valve gear. 0-8-0 power unit comes from LGB Ruegenlok as mentioned above, also the connecting rods, but I swapped the wheels with some from LGB FrankS.-loco. For modeling, I use several photos from the internet as well a simple side view drawing of such a loco.

The wheelbase of the power unit matches well in 16mm/scale (1:19). The wheels are to big, but will be hidden behind the outside frame.

I’ll built this loco the classic way, avoiding 3D-printing and cnc-operation. Only my own CFF-couplers are 3D-printed. To start with the side frames, I used double-sided photo-sticker to stick 2 sheets of 1.5mm ABS plastic together. For better drawing, I add a layer of masking tape on top.

I use a press-drill for holes, fret-saw and files for cutouts and the milling-machine for precision. Once the parts are machined, they are split in half again and I have to identical side frames. To model the rivets, I press 1mm brass nails into predrilled holes and file them flush on the backside.

Will be continued next week.

Cheers, Gerd

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  • Tom says:

    Herrlich entspanntes “Kitbashing” (gibt’s dafür eigentlich ein deutsches Wort?) nach alter Schule.
    Klasse, ich freue mich und ich bleibe dran!
    Grüße aus der Pfalz