[CFF] Steam and sand dome

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 10 August 2021as , ,

Hi folks,

after the short break, I’m back on the Budapest project. I made the domes for the boiler from steel. This may sound wired first, but since I need the space inside for the battery, I’ve to add weight on other places. At least, I had pieces of steel in my scrap box.

The tapered shape of the steam dome is made on the lathe. I made the dome upside down, so I can mill the saddle on the bottom of the dome while holding the piece itself on the remaining stock material.

I milled the bottom in small steps by using a coordinate table. This way, the boring head operation is much easier to handle. I added 0.6mm to the final radius for adding a sheet of brass in between. More on this later.

I used the same setting to drill holes for parts on the steam dome. Once finished, the domes are matching the boiler very well.

Last step in the process is adding pieces of 0.6mm brass sheet. The pieces got annealed and bend to match the boiler shell. After soldering pieces to the domes, I filed them to final shape.


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  • Tobias says:

    Hallo Gerd!

    Sehr schön mal zu sehen, wie andere Modellbauer dieses immer wieder kniffelige Problem der Dombasis beim Eigenbau lösen. Und dann noch der konische Dampfdom…Wahnsinn!
    Deine Werkstatt ist, gegenüber meinem Basteltisch, doch schon sehr hochwertig ausgestattet und das Ergebniss überzeugt zu 100%.

    Das verspricht schon einiges im Hinblick auf das fertige Gesamtmodell.

    Viele Grüße,
    Tobias, der Waldbart