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[CFF] A new old passenger car

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 with 1 Comment

Hi folks,

in August, I shared some thoughts about my rolling stock for the Romanian logging lines. Some while later, I had first ideas to solve my issues but finally, it developed totally different than expected when I spotted an interesting offer on eBay.

Please welcome the old coach of the “Eussertalbahn” which was acquired for my freelanced CFF Bochina line. This car became of special interest for me for several reasons.

It’s not a …, that the name on this car sounds close to my H0n30-railroad. A hint can be found on the underside of the car body. I rebuild this car from a LGB model in 2005, but sold it some years later, when I started work on my 5”-gauge Shay loco.

13 years later, the car now returned to it’s origin home. I spend some finescale wheelsets as well as my newly designed CFF couplers. Unfortunately, the car got damaged here and there. Especially the homemade wooden window frames are no longer complete and in best shape. But the winter is coming soon, so there’s some time to spend additional repairs.

Starting next season, this car will operate along with my old workshop car, hauled by the Krauss and Budapest loco on the free-lanced CFF Bochina line.

But what will happen with the small Moldovita cars and the Resita? Well, I’ll share some updates on these soon.

[CFF] Budapest 764-253

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 with 2 Comments

Please welcome…

the latest addition to my Romainan Forestry Railroad roster: Budapest loco 764-253.

This loco is loosely based on a prototype (764-235) which operated on the Line of Orastie. A similar loco (764-234) was in use on the line of Oituz, which made this loco interesting to me. The prototype of 234 got scrapped in Oituz around 1982. Other locos of this type were used at Comandau and even at Moldovita (for a short period).

As on my Krauss loco 763-237, I changed the road number a little bit to represent another birthdays-date of the family.

You may notice that all kinds of weathering and clutter are still missing. I didn’t find the right mood yet for this last step, but it may follow soon.

Cheers, Gerd

[CFF] Time for painting…

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 16 November 2021 with 1 Comment

Hi folks,

due to some other troubles around, I missed to update weekly as usual. Sorry for that.

So time to share some photos of the painting process. First it feels wrong to assemble a finished loco after weeks of construction. But the final result will be worth the effort.

After cleaning the parts, I spend a coat of primer, followed by black and red paint. I use spray paint. While the paint was drying, I worked on the remaining detail parts. Last big challenge were the window glasses. I made pieces from 2mm clear styrene which are 3mm larger in each direction and filed to perfect size. On the mill, I used a special setup to mill a 3mm wide step along the outline. The result are perfect matches for the ellyptic cutouts in the cab.

Now it’s time for final assembly.

I also work on the finall parts like interior details, repainted engine crew and the pipe to take water from ponds and streams.

The next posting will show the finally detailed loco in service :-)

Cheers, Gerd

[CFF] New loco is almost done

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 4 November 2021 with 2 Comments

Hi folks, in the past weeks, I didn’t find any time for model railroading or to write new blog posts. So it’s time to bring some update today. I’ll start with the cab interior and boiler back-head detail. I added some small cabinets and a wooden floor. The rear of the cab is home of […]